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Collaboration and Cross-Departmental Innovation

PTC Windchill

PTC Windchill is a powerful and comprehensive Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software solution that revolutionizes the way businesses manage their product development processes. Designed by PTC, a leader in digital transformation solutions, Windchill offers a centralized platform for collaboration, data management, and process optimization.

With Windchill, organizations can seamlessly manage their entire product lifecycle, from concept and design to manufacturing, service, and retirement. It enables cross-functional teams to collaborate effectively, ensuring that all stakeholders have access to the most up-to-date information and can make informed decisions.

Elevating how product development gets done

No matter what role you play in the product lifecycle, Windchill can help you quickly see value. Average results our customers experience include:

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Complete for all product data

PTC Windchill serves as a reliable and universal data source, encompassing complete product information and associated processes. Notably, it seamlessly integrates data from product operations, offering a holistic perspective. The PLM data it provides offers several advantages:

  • Multi-dimensional: Modern OSLC technology integrates requirements with PLM data, fostering a comprehensive understanding.
  • Transformative: BOM views for manufacturing, engineering, and service are synchronized, ensuring consistency and clarity.
  • Process-oriented: Essential PLM functions like change management, queries, visualization, and workflow are expanded, promoting streamlined processes.
  • Model-based: Dynamic CAD data is effortlessly shared downstream, enabling part-centric design and enhancing collaboration.

By leveraging PTC Windchill, businesses can enhance efficiency, accuracy, and collaboration throughout the product development lifecycle while minimizing costs and rework.

Capabilities of PTC Windchill

Product Data Management

Optimize your multi-CAD data management with seamless integration into leading software such as Creo, SolidWorks, AutoCAD, and various CAD tools.

BOM Management

The absence of a comprehensive, digital Bill of Materials (BOM) can expose your organization to higher costs, diminished product quality, and delays in getting products to market.

Quality Management

The repercussions of poor quality, including warranty claims and rework, can significantly erode market share and profitability.

Manufacturing, process planning and work instructions

PTC enhances accessibility to manufacturing, process planning, and work instructions within the early stages of the system.

Platforms, Options and Variants

PTC’s Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) empowers you to take a strategic approach to designing, creating, managing, and validating your product versions, ensuring that your customers receive precisely what they require.

Change and Configuration Management

A PLM solution enables agile, real-time, synchronized modifications throughout the product lifecycle, ensuring that all stakeholders have access to the latest product information.

CreoTek Systems India LLP is exclusively selling product data management software. In case you need it, do let us know. We will consider your requirements on priority and make the delivery in the shortest time possible!

Architecture and deployment

Modern architecture

Manage data at scale with web architecture built for multi-system orchestration.

Secure collaboration

Work securely inside and outside the enterprise with IP- and platform-based protections.

Streamlined upgrades

Reduce user disruption by upgrading data in place with time-saving automation.

Admin and Support

Leverage IoT-based “always on” system monitoring and PTC's expert-driven learning programs.

Flexible delivery

Deliver on-premises or in the cloud for greater uptime and security compliance.

Success with Windchill

Here are a few examples of how your peers are realizing value from PTC’s PLM application. For a comprehensive list, visit our case study page.

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VCST’s Smart Factory: Connecting People, Processes and Technology – Hear how VCST is in the process of connecting suppliers, people, devices, machines, and customers in systems and smart applications to drive efficiencies.

The Bose Story – Learn how Bose leads the market in quality amidst product diversification.

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PTC Windchill is a proven out-of-the-box solution to managing and collaborating every aspect of information about your product development and manufacturing process.
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