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PTC Mathcad Prime offers a comprehensive and intuitive solution for solving, analyzing, documenting, and sharing engineering calculations. It provides engineers with a powerful application that ensures accurate calculations, traceability, protection of intellectual property, and the ability to showcase their work.

With PTC Mathcad Prime, you can effortlessly document your calculations in an engineering notebook using natural mathematical notation and intelligent units. The software allows you to display your work using a variety of formatting options, including plots, text, and images, all within a single professionally formatted document.

When compared to spreadsheets, PTC Mathcad Prime stands out as the superior choice. It visually represents mathematical concepts in an intuitive manner, enabling you to define, comprehend, and manipulate engineering calculations seamlessly. The user interface resembles a whiteboard, fostering a more natural and interactive approach to mathematical problem-solving.

PTC Mathcad Prime 9 introduces customer-driven features and productivity enhancements to boost your efficiency and effectiveness.

  • With the introduction of Text Styles, organizing your worksheet becomes easier and more efficient. No longer do you need to manually format headings and subheadings. By utilizing Text Styles, you can effortlessly apply consistent text formatting throughout your document and effectively denote various sections on your worksheet.
  • Navigating through lengthy documents is simplified with the inclusion of Internal links and Go-to Page functionality. These features enable seamless movement within the document, and Internal links allow you to connect notes and calculations across the worksheet for convenient referencing.
  • Enhancements to color selection menus bring added versatility. The inclusion of a custom color picker empowers you to highlight specific sections, emphasize equations or plots with colors of your choosing, and make your document visually impactful.
Usability and Productivity Updates 
Symbolic and Numeric Engines Enhancements 

PTC continues to deliver powerful advancements in its symbolic and numeric engines, introducing valuable enhancements that expand users’ access to a wider range of mathematical operations and functionality.

  • One notable addition is the Gradient Operator, which enables the calculation of the gradient of a scalar function with respect to defined variables, both numerically and symbolically. This empowers users to obtain comprehensive insights into the behavior of mathematical functions.
  • The numeric engine has also been strengthened with the incorporation of the PDESolve Function within the Solve Block. This enhancement equips users with the ability to solve partial differential equations more effectively.
  • Symbolic solutions for Ordinary Differential Equations (ODE) have been enabled, enabling the resolution of first-order ODEs as well as higher-order ODEs that can be reduced to first-order systems. This enhancement enhances users’ capabilities in solving dynamic problems.
  • Furthermore, users can now utilize the Find Function to solve a system of equations symbolically within a Solve Block, expanding the flexibility and versatility of equation-solving tasks.
  • The addition of Logarithmic Integral Functions and Elliptic Integral Functions broadens the range of mathematical functions available to users, facilitating a wider array of mathematical analyses.

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