Actran Acoustics
Powerful acoustic simulation software.

Actran Acoustics is a powerful software solution developed by MSC Software for simulating and analyzing acoustic phenomena. It is widely used in industries such as automotive, aerospace, and consumer electronics to optimize the acoustic performance of products and systems. Actran Acoustics offers comprehensive capabilities for modeling and analyzing sound propagation, noise generation, and sound transmission. It allows engineers to accurately predict and evaluate the acoustic behavior of complex structures, such as vehicle cabins, aircraft interiors, and electronic devices. he software supports a wide range of acoustic simulations, including interior and exterior noise, sound quality analysis, vibro-acoustic coupling, and aeroacoustics. Actran Acoustics utilizes advanced algorithms and numerical techniques to provide accurate results and facilitate detailed analysis. Its user-friendly interface, extensive material library, and robust solver technology make it a valuable tool for engineers seeking to optimize acoustic performance, reduce noise levels, and improve the overall acoustic comfort and quality of their products.

Simulate standard and convected acoustics

  • Extract acoustic modes
  • Analyze sound field in cavities, with either modal or physical approaches
  • Model absorbing walls using impedance conditions of porous material models
  • Analyze sound radiation
  • Analyze sound propagation in ducts, intake and exhaust lines or distribution systems in buildings, aircrafts, and automobiles
  • Recover vibration results from most FEA structural solvers for radiation analysis

Actran VibroAcoustics

VibroAcoustics is a reliable and high-performing vibro-acoustic CAE module.

Actran AeroAcoustics

Actran AeroAcoustics predicts the noise generated by complex flows.

Actran SNGR

SNGR predicts the noise generated by complex flows from steady CFD solutions.

Actran DGM

Actran DGM predicts model noise propagation in complex flows.

Actran for Trimmed Body

Actran for Trimmed Body performs advanced vibro-acoustic analysis, combining Actran and MSC Nastran.

Actran SEA

Actran SEA is an efficient mid- and high- vibro-acoustic CAE module.

Actran TM

Actran TM is a CAE tool for turbomachinery noise prediction.

Actran VI

Actran VI is a graphical user interface for pre- and post-processing vibro- and aero-acoustic analyses of all Actran modules.

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