Accelerate Success With ThingWorx lloT Solutions Platform

Remove your barriers to digital transformation with ThingWorx, the IIoT platform purpose-built to address your business challenges.

Build a better IIoT solution with ThingWorx

ThingWorx is an industrial Internet of Things (IoT) platform developed by PTC. It provides a comprehensive set of tools and services for building and deploying IoT applications, enabling organizations to connect, monitor, and manage their physical assets and data in a secure and scalable manner.

One of the key features of ThingWorx is its robust connectivity framework. It supports a wide range of protocols, including MQTT, REST, OPC-UA, and more, allowing seamless integration with various devices and systems. This flexibility enables organizations to gather data from sensors, machines, and other sources, creating a unified view of their operations.

ThingWorx offers a visual development environment that enables users to create IoT applications without extensive coding knowledge. The platform provides drag-and-drop functionality for building dashboards, workflows, and analytics, making it accessible to both developers and non-technical users.

Another notable aspect of ThingWorx is its powerful analytics capabilities. It includes built-in analytics tools that allow users to derive insights from IoT data, monitor asset performance, detect anomalies, and predict maintenance needs. These analytics-driven insights enable organizations to optimize their operations, reduce downtime, and improve overall efficiency.

ThingWorx also supports augmented reality (AR) integration through its integration with Vuforia, PTC’s AR development platform. This integration allows users to visualize real-time IoT data within AR experiences, enhancing remote assistance, maintenance, and training processes.

Overall, ThingWorx provides a robust and flexible platform for organizations to harness the power of IoT. Its connectivity, development tools, analytics capabilities, and AR integration make it a comprehensive solution for enabling digital transformation and driving innovation in various industries.

Maximize Your IIoT Potential

ThingWorx simultaneously removes the technical barriers to IIoT implementation, while emphasizing practical solutions that quickly return value.


Scale to new markets, improve throughput, and unlock new business models such as products as a service.


Get to market faster using a rich set of industrial IoT capabilities. Wrap and extend existing assets within your connected solution.


Leverage data from connected products and systems to increase productivity, lower cost, and increase efficiency.


Make product, service, and factory operations more secure and scalable. Improve service quality, reliability, and satisfaction.


Take control of your deployment options with on-premise, cloud, or a hybrid approach. Flexibly support any industrial use case.

Ensure Success With Must-have IIoT Capabilities

If you’re considering IIoT platforms, you should be evaluating their capabilities. Unlike other industrial IoT software, ThingWorx offers a complete IIoT platform. Industry leaders turn to ThingWorx for end-to-end capabilities—enabling them to address every facet of their digital transformation journey.

Enhance standardized industrial connectivity to bridge various devices and applications, facilitating seamless access to a multitude of data sources. This expansion ensures that disparate components within your ecosystem can effortlessly communicate and share information, enabling a holistic view of your data landscape. By promoting interoperability and data accessibility, you empower your organization to harness valuable insights, optimize operations, and drive informed decision-making, ultimately enhancing efficiency and competitiveness across the board.

Leverage robust, ready-to-use tools and applications to expedite and expand comprehensive industrial IoT solutions and Augmented Reality (AR) experiences effortlessly. These pre-built resources empower you to accelerate development and deployment, enabling seamless scalability. By harnessing these capabilities, you can swiftly create and grow IoT solutions and immersive AR experiences, streamlining processes, enhancing productivity, and unlocking new opportunities for innovation and business growth.

Derive timely and actionable intelligence from intricate industrial IoT data, enabling proactive operational optimization and preemptive problem mitigation. By harnessing real-time insights, organizations can streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and avert potential issues before they escalate. This data-driven approach empowers businesses to stay ahead of challenges, improve resource allocation, and maximize productivity, ultimately fostering a more agile and resilient operational framework.

Seize command of interconnected devices, processes, and systems to elevate performance and enhance visibility throughout operations. By taking control of these elements, organizations can optimize efficiency, drive productivity, and gain comprehensive insights into their processes. This empowerment enables them to make informed decisions, swiftly adapt to changing conditions, and achieve heightened operational excellence.

Offer secure, efficient methods for employees to interact with physical objects and systems, employing digital and Augmented Reality (AR) interfaces to provide contextualized data and guidance. These interfaces ensure that workers can engage with their surroundings in a safer and more effective manner. By overlaying real-world information with digital insights, employees can access crucial guidance and information, facilitating better decision-making and improved task execution. This fusion of the physical and digital realms enhances workplace safety, productivity, and overall operational effectiveness.

Reaching IIoT Success With PTC

Discover how PTC customers achieve their digital transformation goals and solve pressing business problems using ThingWorx.

FlowServe customers save $16 million in hourly downtime costs thanks to PTC’s industrial IoT solutions to meet customer demand for product data, performance, and service.

Quant transformed customer safety, service, and uptime by using PTC’s ThingWorx platform to get data-driven insights into factory performance.

Lacroix Electronics improved how they identify and prevent equipment failure and component defects, by using PTC’s ThingWorx platform gain real-time visibility into production processes.

Brembo maximized bottom-line results by using PTC’s ThingWorx platform to reduce scrap and minimize downtime.

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