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PTC Arbortext

PTC Arbortext is a robust and dynamic authoring and publishing software suite designed to streamline the creation, management, and delivery of technical documentation and content. It empowers organizations to efficiently author, edit, review, and publish content in various formats, including XML, HTML, PDF, and more.

With Arbortext, businesses can achieve consistency, accuracy, and efficiency in their technical documentation processes. The software provides a comprehensive set of tools for creating structured content, managing content components, ensuring content reusability, and enforcing style and formatting standards.

One of the key advantages of Arbortext is its ability to enable single-source publishing. This means that content can be authored once and then dynamically published across multiple platforms and outputs, ensuring consistency and reducing manual effort. It also supports content localization and translation, facilitating global reach and audience engagement.

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Arbortext Create, Manage, and Deliver Solution for Technical Publications and Parts Catalog

The end-to-end capability and digital thread intelligence of the Arbortext/PTC Windchill combination provides organizations with a new certainty and simplicity of managing the complex content and business needs required to serve international manufacturers.

Make It Simple. Make it Smart.

Ensure end-to-end data consistent with digital thread

Unleash a seamless flow of data across the value chain that will link every phase of the product life cycle.


  • Automatically update content in conjunction with product development changes and stay connected to engineering data.
  • Reuse and leverage content with XML authoring.
  • Support effective translation management.
  • Enable efficient cross-teams collaboration on content.
  • Achieve more efficient task assignment, routing, and authoring collaboration.


  • Manage technical content originating from multiple sources.
  • Be included in the change process when content needs updating.
  • Leverage CAD and facility information for quicker delivery and content development.
  • Enable a more efficient review process.
  • Reduce manual workflows and non-value-added task


  • Cost-effectively deliver up-to-date documentation to customers and service personnel.
  • Reduce operational costs of service information delivery.
  • Use automated publishing to reduce labor costs and the need for multiple manual applications.
  • Enable engineering changes to be more efficiently integrated into product information to maintain up-to-date publication.
Arbotext Products

Explore these videos, data sheets, and release announcements to learn more about our solutions for real-time validation, automatic publishing, task-based graphical content, streamlined change management, and more.

Creo Illustrate

The most advanced technical illustration tool

Create complex 3D technical illustrations, 2D drawings, and interactive animated sequences with Creo Illustrate that precisely reflect current product configurations and accommodate formats ranging from hard copy to augmented reality. It allows users to develop interactive visual content to enhance product documentation, training materials, and service manuals. Creo Illustrate helps improve comprehension, reduce errors, and enhance communication in technical documentation processes.

The software:

  • Illustrators may create 3D content or technical documentation in as small as 15 minutes using this software.
  • Reduces the amount of text and improves the accuracy of part identification.
  • Sets the foundation for an augmented reality approach by automatically updating content as engineering and design changes.

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Arbortext Editor

Arbortext Editor is a powerful authoring tool offered by PTC. It enables the creation and editing of structured content for technical documentation. With features like XML authoring, real-time validation, and customizable templates, Arbortext Editor empowers users to efficiently author and manage content while ensuring consistency and adherence to standards.

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Arbortext Web Editor and Web Reviewer

Arbortext Web Editor and Web Reviewer are web-based tools offered by PTC Arbortext. Web Editor allows users to author and edit content directly in a web browser, enabling easy access and collaboration. Web Reviewer facilitates reviewing and commenting on content, streamlining the review process and enhancing collaboration among stakeholders.

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Arbortext Styler

Arbortext Styler is a powerful styling and formatting tool provided by PTC. It allows users to customize the appearance and layout of technical content created in Arbortext Editor. With Arbortext Styler, users can define stylesheets, templates, and formatting rules to ensure consistency and visual appeal in their documentation.

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Arbortext IsoDraw

Arbortext IsoDraw is a software solution by PTC that enables the creation of high-quality technical illustrations and 3D animations. It helps users visually communicate complex product information with clarity and precision. Arbortext IsoDraw enhances documentation, assembly instructions, and service manuals, making them more engaging and understandable for end-users.

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Arbortext Layout Developer and Layout Editor

Arbortext Layout Developer and Layout Editor are powerful tools offered by PTC Arbortext. Layout Developer allows users to design and develop templates for structured content publishing. Layout Editor provides a user-friendly interface for content authors to easily create and modify layouts for print and digital output, enhancing the presentation of technical content.

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Windchill Service Parts Information and Instructions

Manage content-specific service information to facilitate information reuse, streamline change management, and enable delivery of configuration-based technical publications.

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Arbortext Publishing Engine

Arbortext Publishing Engine is a key component of the PTC Arbortext suite. It automates the publishing process, enabling the generation of high-quality content in multiple formats such as PDF, HTML, and XML. With Arbortext Publishing Engine, businesses can streamline and accelerate the content delivery process, ensuring consistency and efficiency in their publishing workflows.

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Arbortext Content Delivery

Arbortext Content Delivery is a feature of PTC Arbortext that enables the seamless distribution and delivery of technical content to end-users. It ensures that the right information is delivered to the right audience in the desired format, whether it be digital or print. Arbortext Content Delivery enhances the accessibility and usability of technical documentation, improving user experiences.

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Product Release Announcement

Success with PTC Arbotext

Here are a few examples of how your peers are realizing value from PTC’s PLM application. For a comprehensive list, visit our case study page.

Design for Serviceability: Improving Technician Effectiveness and Service Performance at Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited.

KOEL improved productivity and reduced requests for cancellations of late-stage engineering changes from 10% to 2% by using PTC solutions to complete a BOM transformation.

Toro Uses Creo Illustrate to Increase Illustrator Efficiency, End-User Comprehension.

The U.S. Navy is undergoing digital transformation to unify legacy systems and support their massive base of users, suppliers, and ships by using Windchill’s cloud infrastructure, collaboration capabilities, and comprehensive SaaS workflows.

Ronchi provides outstanding customer service through an end-to-end digital transformation featuring the Arbortext content delivery system.

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