Cradle CFD
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Cradle CFD is a comprehensive computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software package developed by Hexagon MSC. It provides engineers and designers with a powerful toolset for simulating and analyzing fluid flow, heat transfer, and related phenomena in various industries.

Cradle CFD offers a range of advanced simulation capabilities, including steady-state and transient analysis, turbulence modeling, multiphase flow, combustion analysis, and more. The software supports a wide range of applications, such as automotive aerodynamics, HVAC design, chemical processes, and environmental analysis.

One of the key strengths of Cradle CFD is its user-friendly interface and intuitive workflow. It provides a seamless and efficient user experience, allowing engineers to set up, solve, and post-process simulations with ease. The software also includes advanced meshing capabilities for generating high-quality meshes, which are crucial for accurate and reliable results.

Cradle CFD offers a range of specialized modules and solvers to cater to specific industry needs. These include SC/Tetra for complex geometries, SC/Tetra Parallel Processing for high-performance computing, scSTREAM for thermal analysis, and more.

Additionally, Cradle CFD provides comprehensive post-processing and visualization tools that enable engineers to analyze and interpret simulation results effectively. It allows users to visualize flow patterns, temperature distributions, and other important parameters through detailed graphs, contour plots, and animations.

With its robust capabilities, user-friendly interface, and specialized modules, Cradle CFD is a trusted choice for engineers and designers seeking accurate and efficient simulations to optimize their designs, improve product performance, and make informed engineering decisions.

Cradle CFD scFLOW

Cradle CFD scFLOW is a thermo-fluid analysis system with polyhedral mesh.

Cradle CFD SC/Tetra

Cradle CFD SC/Tetra is a general-purpose thermo-fluid analysis system with unstructured mesh.

Cradle CFD scPOST

Cradle CFD scPOST is a comprehensive and versatile data visualisation software.


Cradle CFD scSTREAM is a general-purpose thermo-fluid analysis system with structured mesh.


Cradle CFD PICLS is a tool for real-time thermal simulation of printed circuit boards.

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