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The multibody dynamics simulation solution

msc adams

MSC Adams is a multi-body dynamics (MBD) simulation software developed by Hexagon’s MSC Software. Engineers can use it to assess and optimize designs by simulating the motion and behavior of mechanical systems, such as joints, flexible bodies, and rigid bodies. With this, users can perform dynamic analysis, evaluate forces and torques, assess kinematics and kinetics, and simulate complex interactions between components.

With MSC Adams, users may measure kinematics and kinetics, estimate forces and torques, simulate intricate component interactions, and perform dynamic analysis. With its intuitive interface and strong solver technology, the software can efficiently model and simulate various systems, from basic mechanisms to complex multi-body systems.

Adams is frequently used for design validation, performance optimization, virtual prototyping, and automotive, aerospace, robotics, and manufacturing industries. The ADAMS solver, which utilizes multi-body dynamics solutions technology, expedites the execution of nonlinear dynamics compared to alternative FEA solutions. By integrating mechanical parts, pneumatics, hydraulics, electronics, and control system technologies, ADAMS users may treat and construct virtual prototypes that account for the interactions between various subsystems. Adams is widely used in automotive, aerospace, robotics, and manufacturing industries for design validation, performance optimization, and virtual prototyping.

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msc adams

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Adams helps engineers to study the dynamics of moving parts, and how loads and forces are distributed throughout mechanical systems.

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