MSC Nastran

Multidisciplinary structural analysis

MSC Nastran is a widely used finite element analysis (FEA) software developed by Hexagon’s MSC Software. It is a powerful tool for simulating and analyzing the behavior of complex structures and systems across various industries. MSC Nastran utilizes the finite element method to discretize the geometry into smaller elements, enabling accurate and efficient analysis of structural, thermal, and dynamic responses.

The software provides a comprehensive range of capabilities, including linear and nonlinear analysis, static and dynamic analysis, stress and vibration analysis, and fatigue analysis. It offers advanced features such as contact analysis, material modeling, optimization, and multiphysics coupling.


MSC Nastran is known for its robust solver technology, delivering accurate and reliable results. It can handle large-scale models with millions of degrees of freedom, allowing engineers to tackle complex engineering problems. The software is widely used in industries such as aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, and civil engineering for design verification, structural analysis, and optimization of products and systems.

With its extensive capabilities, MSC Nastran empowers engineers to make informed design decisions, improve product performance, reduce costs, and enhance overall efficiency in the product development process.

MSC Nastran Key Advantages:

Multidisciplinary Structural Analysis : Multiple analysis disciplines featured by MSC Nastran provides customers with one structural analysis solution for a wide range of engineering problems. Engineers can use a single platform to perform linear or nonlinear analysis based on multiple disciplines – from static and dynamic (NVH & Acoustics included) to thermal and buckling.

Structural Assembly Modelling : Structural systems consisting of multiple components need to be analysed as a whole. The various methods to join multiple components for system-level structural analysis featured by MSC Nastran helps expedite enmeshing with Permanent Glue, enabling your connection with incongruent meshes that would need time when you go with traditional structural analysis solution. It not only saves time spent in constructing assemblies that consist of welds or fasteners via specialized connector elements but also speeds up the re-analysis of large assemblies by constructing Super elements.

Automated Design Optimization : Structural optimization is a crucial element in product development. However, it is an iterative process and requires lots of manual effort. MSC Nastran includes optimization algorithms that seek optimal configurations automatically in a permitted design space. MSC Nastran helps engineers optimize stress, mass, fatigue, etc.

High-performance Computing : High-performance Computing capabilities of MSC Nastran empowers engineers by solving larger problems faster. MSC Nastran benefits manufacturers with multi-core and multi-node clusters along with parallelization technologies including Shared Memory Parallel and Distributed Memory Parallel. The Automated Solver Selection feature helps engineers obtain higher performance for large models and accelerate simulation time, based on the analysis specifications like a solution or element types, available memory, etc.

Customer Support : MSC Software helps you at every step of using MSC Nastran by providing numerous resources. These services range from technical support, MSC Nastran expertise, The MSC Learning Centre, (a subscription that entitles a user to the entire MSC Nastran training course catalogue).

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MSC Nastran is a multidisciplinary structural analysis solver that performs static, dynamic, and thermal analysis across the linear and nonlinear domains, complemented with automated structural optimisation and award-winning embedded fatigue analysis.
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