The most complete simulation platform for engineering the next generation of Electro-Mechanical Drivetrain Design and Simulation Solutions

The Romax Technology, now known as Hexagon’s Romax, is a leading provider of software solutions for engineering design, analysis, and simulation of drivetrains and rotating machinery. Romax offers a range of tools and services for industries such as automotive, wind energy, aerospace, and marine. Their software solutions cover areas such as gearbox design, bearing analysis, driveline optimization, and durability assessment. Romax’s expertise in drivetrain engineering helps organizations improve efficiency, reliability, and performance of their mechanical systems. With their advanced simulation capabilities and extensive industry experience, Romax has established itself as a trusted partner for companies looking to enhance the design and performance of their drivetrain and rotating machinery applications.

Romax Enduro

Romax Enduro is a durability and structures software that enables electro-mechanical powertrain durability simulation.

Romax Spectrum

Romax Spectrum is a noise and vibration (NVH) simulation software that enables electro-mechanical powertrain NVH simulation.

Romax Spin

Romax Spin is a dedicated bearing analysis software that enables advanced simulation of rolling element bearings.

Romax Concept

Romax Concept is a concept design software that allows early-stage investigation of EV drivetrain designs.

Romax Energy

Romax Energy is an efficiency and thermal software that predicts electro-mechanical transmission efficiency.

Romax Evolve

Romax Evolve is an electric machine simulation software that enables structural design and analysis of electrical machines.

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Romax Software is a global provider of integrated software and services for the design, analysis and optimization of gearbox, bearings and driveline systems across automotive, wind energy, bearings, off road, rail, marine and aerospace.
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