Model-Based Definition

What is model-based definition (MBD)?
Model-based definition is an approach to creating 3D models so that they effectively contain all the data needed to define a product. With MBD, the model becomes the source authority that drives all engineering activities. This model may further be used downstream by suppliers and across organizations within an enterprise.
Why model-based definition (MBD)?
For years, engineers used 2D drawings to deliver product manufacturing information—even as they designed models in 3D. Now, using model-based definition (MBD) methods, engineers embed product data directly in the 3D models, creating a single, reliable source of truth for the whole extended team that prevents errors and saves everybody time.
PTC’s solutions for model-based definition

GD&T and tolerance analysis are part of a broader model-based definition journey. MBD is an approach to creating 3D models that effectively contain all product data needed to define a product.

GD&T is the process of annotating designs, using a symbolic language to define the allowable geometry dimensions. Tolerance analysis allows engineers to understand how stack-up of variation impacts the design quality and manufacturability.

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eBook: Getting MBD – PTC product guide

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Explore geometric dimensioning and tolerancing extension

Simplify GD&T standards with expert guidance during every step of the application process.

Explore Creo's tolerance analysis extension

Evaluate the impact of dimensioning on product designs before either prototyping or manufacturing.

Model-based product development (MBPD)

Model-based product development is the process of using the native CAD model throughout the entire product development cycle. Beginning with concept development, including industrial design, ranging all the way through detailed design, simulation, tooling development, manufacturing process development and service instructions, the native CAD model drives the digital thread through the entire product development lifecycle.

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